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Slickgone EW

Combining high efficiency and low toxicity with an exceptional ability to breakdown chocolate mousses (water in oil emulsions), Slickgone EW efficiently disperses those oils which have become too weathered to be amenable to conventional methods, therefore extending the window of opportunity for dispersant use.

And unlike most dispersants, Slickgone EW is also effective on refined oils and bunker fuels, making it a truly versatile solution for 21st century oil spill problems.

SLICKGONE EW is the latest addition to the Dasic International product range and is exceptionally efficient on a broad spectrum of oils. It is also effective on water-in-oil emulsions (chocolate mousses) and will even delay the formation of such emulsions if applied early enough.

SLICKGONE EW is highly effective at emulsifying crude oils, fuel oils and water-in-oil emulsions even at low temperatures, producing oil droplets minute enough to be retained beneath the sea surface where they are rapidly diluted by subsurface mixing and are eventually biodegraded by micro-organisms.

SLICKGONE EW is also more effective than conventional dispersants on intermediate and heavy fuel oils, making it a truly versatile product for the 21st century.

SLICKGONE EW is biodegradable and meets the stringent efficiency and toxicity requirements of the UK authorities

SLICKGONE EW is also approved/accepted in other countries. Please consult Dasic International for an updated list of approvals/acceptances.


SLICKGONE EW has been developed for use undiluted and is most effective applied in this way.
Extensive field trials indicate that an effective treatment rate for dispersants is approximately 1 part dispersant to 20-30 parts of oil. If the average thickness of the oil slick is 0.1mm, then an application rate of 30-50 litres/hectare is required. Slicks, however, tend not to be uniform and thicknesses can vary from microns to several millimetres. It is important, therefore, to try to estimate the thickness of the oil being treated at any given moment and adjust the treatment rate accordingly.

Although undiluted application is always best, SLICKGONE EW is compatible with seawater. As a result, it can be diluted to 10% when used from boats fitted with older type spraysets.


Dispersant should be applied to the slick in the form of a spray with a volume median diameter of approximately 500 microns. A spray such as this gives good uniform coverage. Smaller droplets could result in excessive windborne losses. Larger droplets could gain sufficient momentum to penetrate right through the oil and become lost to the underlying water. Spray booms should be designed specifically for dispersant application. Agricultural type spray sets are not normally suitable because they produce droplets which are far too small for optimum dispersant application.


The dispersant should be applied undiluted from boats, provided suitable spray equipment is available. Details of such spray equipment are available from DASIC on request.
If using older Warren Spring type spray equipment, this should be set up to pump seawater. SLICKGONE EW should then be educted into the seawater flow so that a solution 9 parts seawater to 1 part SLICKGONE EW results. This solution should then be applied at a treatment rate of 1 part diluted dispersant to 2-3 parts of oil.


SLICKGONE EW is extremely effective applied undiluted on beaches, rocks, harbour walls, etc. It should be applied at a treatment rate of approximately 1 part dispersant to 10 parts of oil in a fine spray such as from a knapsack sprayer or from other beach spraying equipment.
If possible, it should be applied approximately 10-30 minutes before an advancing tide so that the surf line provides energy to disperse the oil. If the energy of the surf line is insufficient, then fire hoses can be directed on to the water adjacent to the beach to provide additional energy.

Extremes of temperature should be avoided and storage should be out of direct sunlight. SLICKGONE EW is should be stored in its original, unopened containers. SLICKGONE EW is not compatible with uncoated mild steel or aluminium and many tank coatings will be damaged by this product. Bulk tank manufacturers must be contacted for advice about compatibility before bulk storage of SLICKGONE EW is contemplated. Please note that Dasic cannot offer any warranty on product not stored in the containers in which it was originally supplied.


SLICKGONE EW is of low toxicity and irritancy. However, as with all emulsifiers, contact with the eyes and prolonged contact with the skin should be avoided. The wearing of protective goggles is recommended. Avoid breathing spray mists or product vapours. SLICKGONE EW will support combustion and should be kept away from sources of ignition.


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