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Slickgone NS

One of the best selling Type 3 concentrate dispersants in the world, Slickgone NS is frequently shown to be the most effective dispersant available for a wide range of oils, including those with a high wax content. It is extremely low in toxicity to marine organisms and is approved by many international organisations.



SLICKGONE NS has been developed for use undiluted and is most effective applied in this way. It is, however, compatible with seawater and can be used diluted to 10% with good results.

Extensive field trials in the UK indicate that an effective treatment rate for dispersants is approximately 1 part dispersant to 20-30 parts of oil. If the average thickness of the oil slick is 0.1mm, then an application rate of 3-5 imp. gal./acre (30-50 litres/hectare) is required. Slicks, however, tend not to be uniform and thicknesses can vary from microns to several millimetres. It is important, therefore, to try to estimate the thickness of the oil being treated at any given moment and adjust the treatment rate accordingly.


Dispersant should be applied to the slick from suitable spray booms in the form of a spray with a volume median diameter of approximately 500 microns. A spray such as this gives good uniform coverage, avoids excessive windborne losses, and prevents falling droplets from achieving sufficient momentum to penetrate the oil and become lost to the underlying water.


SLICKGONE NS is best applied undiluted provided that suitable spray equipment is available.

Using older type spray equipment, SLICKGONE NS can be diluted in the application equipment with 9 parts seawater to form a 10% solution. This solution should be sprayed at a treatment rate of 1 part diluted dispersant to 2-3 parts of oil. The efficiency loss on dilution of dispersant is partly compensated for by the use of breaker boards to provide energy to emulsify the oil.

Details of suitable spray equipment are available from DASIC. ON BEACHES

SLICKGONE NS is extremely effective applied undiluted on beaches, rocks, harbour walls, etc. It should be applied at a treatment rate of approximately 1 part dispersant to 10 parts of oil in a fine spray such as from a knapsack sprayer or from other beach spraying equipment.

If possible, SLICKGONE NS should be applied approximately 10-30 minutes before an advancing tide so that the surf line provides energy to disperse the oil. If the energy of the surf line is insufficient, then fire hoses can be directed on to the water adjacent to the beach to provide additional energy.


SLICKGONE NS is of low toxicity and irritancy. However, as with all emulsifiers, contact with the eyes and prolonged contact with skin should be avoided. The wearing of protective goggles is recommended. Avoid breathing spray mists or product vapours. SLICKGONE NS will support combustion and should be kept away from sources of ignition.

Consult the DASIC safety data sheet on this material before use.

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